Welcome To Mitsuo Watches


We are the online watch store that you have been searching for. Our objective and mission at Mitsuo Watches is to help you find and own the ideal watch at an affordable price. Have you been considering buying a Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, or Seiko? Regardless of whether it will be your first watch or you're adding to your world-class collection - we offer quality watches at great prices. Here at mitsuowatches.com, our desire is to become the most trusted source for quality watches on the web.  We source our quality pieces from watch makers all over the world and are here to help you find and buy the ideal timepiece that you've been searching for.


Why Do People Buy Watches?

Watches have become somewhat of a symbol of wealth in pop culture. Rolex, perhaps the most well known watch brand, has long been associated with exclusiveness, and owning one is regarded as a symbol of success. However, most people into watches are nowhere near the 1% - watches are not that expensive to begin with - nor are watch enthusiast looking to show off their wealth all the time.

Most people today buy watches because they are wearable pieces of art. And art is subjective indeed. To put an example, we’ve received many comments criticizing our watch design, but we’ve also found a niche within the watch community that really appreciates our proposals. Ultimately, we shouldn’t judge people’s tastes at all.

And just like there are people paying thousands in auctions for rare pieces of art, so are many others spending on a nice watch of their own.


Reasons To Shop At Mitsuo


We are a small company on a small island founded by a person with a big heart whose passion is to provide good watches at affordable prices.  

We want to make premium accessible and part of your daily life.  While major brands in our industry markup their products 8-16 times the actual cost - we do things differently. 

By bypassing traditional channels, building direct relationships with the quality manufacturers and  designing our products in-house, we're able to provide premium goods at down-to-earth prices.